The Bookkeeping Department

Industry-Specific Bookkeeping

No two business are the same. Our bookkeeping and financial administration solutions help you stay on top no matter what industry you operate in.

Need more help?

If your venture requires C-level expertise, our Virtual CFO service can help you develop a robust financial posture for future growth, without the hefty salary of an in-house CFO.

Professional Service Industry

We focus on your books, so you can focus on your clients. Our expert team is experienced and equipped to handle any and all bookkeeping and BAS obligations. This ensures you remain on top of your finances whilst having better insight to keep your business on track for future growth.

Retail & eCommerce

Whether you run a brick and mortar store or an online store, you have plenty on your plate. But at The Bookkeeping Department, our industry-leading systems and bespoke solutions can help you get a handle on inventory management, trend analysis, reporting, and sales performance. It’s bookkeeping for retailers—simplified.


We pride ourselves on helping some of Australia’s leading tech firms manage their everyday financials. And with our bespoke bookkeeping and reporting solutions, we can help you stay on top of your finances, while you focus on business development.


You’re running a childcare centre which means you’ve got your hands full. Why worry about debits, credits and ledgers, too? Need a bookkeeper with expertise in Quikkids, StarCare or other centre management systems? Our bookkeeping systems are designed to save you time and headache by streamlining your centre’s record-keeping needs and helping you remain on top of BAS lodgements and regulatory compliance.


We know the health of your books like you know the health of your patients. Our tailored bookkeeping solutions for the medical industry simplifies the way you manage your books and streamlines the admin process (such as integrating with Powerdiary). And because our bookkeepers specialise in this area, we can provide insightful reports to shape a healthy outlook for your clinic.


If you run a wholesale business, your bookkeeping system needs to be as good as your warehousing system. With our expertise and bookkeeping solutions, we can ensure your record-keeping is up to scratch and you never fall behind your financial obligations.

Not For Profit

While bookkeeping for not-for-profit involves the same systems that all other businesses employ, recording of revenue and expenses differ when compared to for-profit. The Bookkeeping Department’s NFP bookkeeping experts can help you navigate through regulatory compliance while using industry-leading software for accurate and efficient record keeping.

Trade & Construction

After being on the tools all day, you don’t want to be on the books all night. Our bookkeeping experts can craft an efficient and streamlined solution that manages your day-to-day financials. This ensures taxes get paid on time, BAS is lodged by the deadline and you meet regulatory compliance.

Venture Backed Early Stage Start-Ups

Outsourcing your bookkeeping is one of the smartest decisions you can make once you have secured early-stage funding. With large amounts of capital flowing through your venture, we can help with accurate and timely reporting, as well as staying on top of regulatory compliance.

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